About Us

Welcome to Plush Cart. We are a growing community of an innovative and ingenious team of designers, who have brought to a plethora of opportunities to get a customized t-shirt of hoodie printed for yourself.


The website is not just for shopping but for turning creative ideas into print. You can get prime quality of cloth printed with high definition quotes on themes of your choice. We bring you a platform to get your style printed in a pocket-friendly budget.


You can gift the t-shirts or hoodies to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, family, children, and friends. Whether it is your sports team or your band, share your logo, tagline, and colour choice with and we will get you matching tees.


Plush Cart is all about you and your style. When you see a movie and you loved a dialogue, tell us and we’ll print it on your tee. Let’s say you have an idea of a caricature and you wish to get that printed. What are you waiting for? Share your design with us and we will print your image on the tee.


If you think you are funny like a comedian, glamorous like a diva, or just a sloppy human, share the ideal quote that defines you and show the entire world who you are. If food is your life or Netflix and chill is what you do all day. Hey! No judgements and only printing.


We have many designs to choose from, if Plush Cart design fits your life mantra then don’t wait for long and instantly buy your favourite colour tee/ hoodie. However, if you a have out of the world living mantra then get it printed, wear it, and share with all. Let everyone know that you live your life by own rules.


We have ample themes and abstract designs to offer you and we take pride in not restricting ourselves when it comes to designing. If you are a cartoonist or a writer and willing to collaborate. Don’t hesitate. Plush cart has space for all and everyone.


Check our website if you are a buyer and for collaboration, write to us at [email protected]